We toured & oogled/studied the many Cadillac related items Ron had collected over several years.  Afterward, we enjoyed a potluck meal of pulled pork with special sauces (prepared by Doug Batton Chef extraordinaire & future member), watermelon, strawberries, potato salad, brownies, berry & apple pie & etc.  That's JW Hooten's Cadillac XLR in front.  Ron's babies in the back.

A most appropriate place for an informal Cadillac Club meeting.

Part of Ron's eclectic collection.


One of a kind Ceramic Cad Creation.  (I liked this one)

Capturing days gone by.

More of Ron's collection..... much more.

Our gracious host, Ron Zahn, surrounded by 'Standards of Excellence'.

A Tribute to Cadillac.

New member, Dale Oliver, brought his '57.

Dave Morehouse attended with two-thirds of a Cadillac.  Shorter, easier to park.

Dan Morehouse's Cad from BigFins Cadillac Cars & Parts

Greg & Kathryn Duthie's '39

Tom & Teresa Wells' Special Edition

Swiggart's Eldo

Ron's friend, Dick Romm is the owner of this 1947 Chrysler Town & Country Sedan
(WPC member) which we dubbed an honorary Cadillac for the day.


Dan and Jenny Morehouse invited us to their place (home of Bigfins Cadillac Cars & Parts)  More '59s than you can capture in one photo.  Website:   Perry Nordby just couldn't take enuf pictures.

I want my backyard to be just like this.

 Misplaced sign !

Oh-oh, To-o-o-o Late !
Morehouse's Ultimate '59 Cadillac Water Feature


After our garage tour we were treated to an ice cream sundae, shake or malt.  A delicious way to end a fun day.  Jerry Hooton was our host.
Fins Drive-In
4090 Main St., Springfield OR

There were at least 70 car enthusiats attending the Strawberry Social.

After a tour of four historic Washington County Churchs we ended our tour at Dave & Jeanette McCready's home in Hillsboro to enjoy a picnic lunch and their traditonal dessert of strawberry shortcake and ice cream.

Just a hint of the collections we had the privilege of viewing.


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