(White Christmas Montovani)

Amadeus Manor Restaurant

Johnny & Bonnie & John

Orville & Mona

Kathryn & Greg

Larry & Patti

Don & Karen

Roger & Rocio

Campbell & Becky

Sue & Randy

Lynda & Richard

Sunny & Miguel & Child

Laura & Mike

Pam & Larry

Jerry & Carol

Penny & Keith

Sandy & Carl

Sandy & Carl & Mistletoe
Jodie & Jack

Our Club donated 55 crock pots to My Father's House.  They will hold crock pot cooking classes and at the end of the class, the participants will be given a new crock pot to use in their apartment.  Kathy Weiss, Director of My Father's House said, "We will have enough pots to do three classes this year because of your Club's generosity. "

Mona, Orville & Bonnie delivering crocks.


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