It was a fun filled day of sightseeing and visiting all the shops we would have normally passed by while commuting to the Portland Metro area.

Campbell & Becky at Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum

Rocio Baunsgard amazed how many vintage vehicles in one place.


Enjoyed the visit…lots to see, three huge hangars displaying all kinds of vehicles.

Hood Crest Winery group photo.

Good food and good wine.

More food and good wine.


Bonnie gathering more pictures.

Randy, Sue, Jodie, Bonnie, Rocio & Johnny imbibing the winery’s offerings.

Hood Crest Winery Vineyard

More pizza, wine and conversation.  Mona, Orville, Greg, Campbell, Becky

Apple Valley Country store sold lots of jam and jellies.

Cute...that sums it up.  Foothills Yarn & Fiber


Llamas have a hummin' language.

New baby not sure about shearing.

Dinner at Barlow Trail Restaurant.  Chris Cataldo hand on right, wife Yoshiko next to him.

Left side Sandy, Mona, Kathryn, Greg, Johnny, Bonnie.  Right side Randy, Sue, Mona, Orville, Keith, Penny

Greg & Barney Oldfield discussing how quickly we got to the restaurant on time...just sayin.  Carl, Sandy, Kathryn to the left.

Penny & Keith Stone having a moment to relax after a long fun day of visiting all them places.

Jodie helping Jack learn to smile.

We are an eatin' Club but with calories in mind.

Orville & Mona, also taking a moment to settle into a nice dinner.

Same group different angle.




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