October 5-9, 2017

What We Did

Friday 10/5 Brownsville OR walking tour museum. Stayed in Medford at the Inn at the Commons and dined at their restaurant, The Lark.

Saturday 10/6 Coburg OR Tour of Marathon Motor Coach Factory.  Oakland OR Tolly's Grill lunch.

Saturday 10/7, Scott Bar CA Ft. Jones for lunch at Gifted Horse and tour of museum and ribs for dinner at our hosts.

Sunday 10/8 Breakfast and video of gold mining in Scott Bar.  Sandy Payne gave talk at the community center/school house about history of the area.  Next was metal detecting, panning and sluicing for gold.  Then hangout and dinner.  Baked Potato Bar for dinner.

Monday 10/9 Harry & David factory tour then dinner at McGrath's.  Seven Feathers Casino Resort later on.


Coffee & Donut Stop

We had a personal tour guide.

$2.2 million


$2.2 million


Keith was surprised to find some headroom...I must say.

Some of the electronics for the 2.2 million dollar motorhome.

Very sanitary installation.

Turn on big screen, blinds automatically close.

Inn At the Commons for stay over and evening meal.

Check In Time

Private Matter At The Commons Medford Motel

Heavy duty mining equipment.

Note: J&J are badged.  Charger was in the garage waiting parts.

Beautiful View of Gold in them thar hills.

Mike & Laura's Caddie, in rear J&J's Frontier

McCauley's green cad...looks black from a distance just sayin'

Ladies capturing deer attention & pictures.

All the deer ones together.

Jodie feeding deer.

Some of kitchen crew.
Sue, Penny, Bonnie, Laura, Mona, Jodie

Plenty of goodies to eat.  Ribs and rolls and stuff.

John McCauley
our  other Host

Our Hosts Carl/Sandy

Jude and Sherry Lehner White '61 convertible

Keith digging more dirt for sluice.  Faster.....

Dog, Johnny, Jude, Jim, Keith, Mona, Sue



Randy says, "Thar' was gold in them there diggins"

Gold was discovered in 1850

Bring more dirt!!

Bonnie & Sue Sluicing

Randy says, "Bring more material must have gold!!"

More sluicing.

Gary Parn making sure we got plenty of dirt.

Pumping Station

Hold it!  I saw a fleck!

Nobody move, I think I dropped something!!

It's all in how you slosh it around...says Carl to Jodie.

Sue & Orville taking sun break.

Jack taking break from taking pictures.

1876 See Scott Bar Schoolhouse Wikipedia

Sandy giving talk on historic one room community & school house.

Fun stories regarding the school house.

Jodie couldn't pass up the school yard playthings.

Started our Harry & David tour here for bus pickup.

Bus drove us to corporate headquarters.

5000 pkgs go thru the line everyday.

Seven Feathers Casino.  Overniter for some.  Last Stop for others.

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