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Our Open Event July 27, 2013 @ Milwaukie Elks Lodge Milwaukie OR

Traffic Control Central.  Brad Groff,  Kathryn & Greg Duthie had their hands full directing traffic.  Not only did Milwaukie Elks have two other events going on, people needed the entrance to drive to the Coffee vendor that was up front.

Paul Ward & Greg Duthie, old hands at directing traffic.

Our Cadillac & LaSalle member lineup.  They did not compete for trophies they were just for display.

Large trophy first place, wall plaque/clock second place and smaller plaque for third place.

Smiling faces of Laurie Abbott and Carol Barteaux handling the raffle tent.  (if you could see them)

Alice Hull handling registration and handing out the goodie bags.

More helpers, Orville Crull and Mona Marsh.

These good guys were gr-r-r-r-reat!
KISN is no longer on Radio but you can find them and their music at their website.

Big Bad Buick 1954 Buick owned by Bruce Vaden

The Pied Piper... Bryce Hayworth, grandson of Bonnie & Johnny McCauley in front of
2000 Mustang Boss owned by Jim Smith, took 3rd place in Best Ford.

1957 Orange and White Buick owned by Dorcey Lewis

1930 Ford Convertible (Red) owned by Dick Juggert

1950 Ford Pickup (Black with red striping)


These Milwaukie High School football players would do anything to sell their tickets, ice cream, and water.
Pushups or Jumpin' Jacks on command.  Their ice cream bars were delicious.

Glen Baunsgard finally brought out his convertible.

Johhny McCauley, our Director, mounted the passenger side mirror, supplied by Campbell Munn, for Glen's car.  It was an insurance requirement.  Note the fancy addition of the Cadillac emblem on the mounting.
Legal and looking good.

New member, Scott Sarver brings his beautiful entry for show.

1951 Oldsmobile (Black) owned by Lyle Lilja. Took 3rd in Best Orphan Car

A look inside the Olds.

1941 Cadillac Convertible (Red) owned by Phillip and Linda McMahon

1938 Pobntiac (Red) owned by Roy Burge.  Took 3rd in Best Convertible

1939 Chevy Sedan (Orange or Red) owned by Lyle Davis.  Took 1st in Best GM and 2nd in 1949 and Older


1956 T-Bird Alice Hull, took second in Best Sports Car

Mona Marsh's '41 Cad

Close-up of Mona Marsh's '41 Cad's hood ornament.

Dash Plaque


Johnny says, " I'll push here and Jack, you pull there.  That should do it. "



Setup and Teardown takes teamwork either way.



Pictures courtesy of  Roger Hull & Yours Truly.


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