('Behind the Waterfall' plays in the background)

Mona Marsh, our Activities Chair organized this outing for our Club.  We met at I84 Exit 18 Lewis & Clark Park at 0900 and departed via Crown Point Hwy/E Historic Columbia River Hwy for Multnomah Lodge/Falls at 0930.  A scenic cruise through Springdale, Corbett, Crown Point overlooking the Columbia Gorge past Bridal Veil Lodge onto the Lodge.  Led by Mona in her 1941 Cadillac.

We lined up our Classics near the Lodge.  That's Mona's green Cad and the Duthie's LaSalle.

The dining rooms feature romantic fireside dining in the Great Room, beautiful falls view tables in their atrium style Falls Room, or dramatic falls view and sounds from their Patio in the summer months. Multnomah Falls plummets 620 ft. in two major steps. The upper fall plunging 542 feet the lower fall 69 feet distinguishing Multnomah Falls as the highest waterfall in the state of Oregon and second highest in the nation.

Part of the group.  A few of us missed this Kodak moment.  I think there was a total of 19 people that participated.

Inside the Multnomah Lodge restaurant for Champagne Brunch.
Foreground Arlene & Campbell Munn.  Left rear, Mike & Laurie Abbott.  Johnny McCauley behind Campbell Munn.
Looks like Jack way in the back laughing next to Larry Sullivan telling stories.

Food always makes people happy... especially when someone else does the cooking.
Larry Swiggart and friend Kathleen and to the right our Past Director Jerry & wife, Carol Barteaux.

On the far left is Kathryn Duthie, our Treasurer, standing is Johnny McCauley, our Director, seated to his right is Greg Duthie VP, members Rocio and her husband Glen Baunsgard, and Mona Marsh, our Activities Chair.

Group shot.  The other six people are off to the right of the picture frame.


Pictures courtesy of Bonnie McCauley & Yours Truly.


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