John McCauley and Carol Barteaux raise our colors.  Sherry keeping the records straight.
Bonnie M. thinks the sign should be raised another foot....that's her in the emerald green blouse.

Just getting started.  The McCauleys, the Sullivans and the Duthies have arrived.

Car #8 Patty Chastain’s 1993 pink Allante, for 'Long Distance Award'
all the way from Black Diamond WA

Ron Zahn has brought out another classic from his stable.

PEOPLE'S CHOICE #17 Perry Nordby’s  ‘35 rumble seat/trunk Cadillac

This special entry is for sale.  See our September newsletter for details.

Rose parade special, an Allante' and Johnny in shorts and a straw hat.

Another beautiful Cadillac.  I failed to get details on this one.  Email me info.... ur humble webmaster, jski.

What a lineup !

Jon Schmitt's 1990 Allante

Jon Schmitt's 1990 Allante


Help me here, I got interrupted.  Whose beautiful car?

BEST OF SHOW #9 the Gary/Kathy Bray’s 71 Eldo Convertible Rosarian Special

Gary & Kathy Bray's 1971  Eldo Rose Parade Special

Carl Johnson's '66 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible black seats
needed protection from the hot sun.

Found this Jaguar of members/helpers John & Anita Fallon off to the side.
A classic beauty.

What can I say?  I was honored to accept this award... and now back to putting up pictures.

Oh, you might want a closer look.


Pictures courtesy of Big Jon Schmitt, Larry Swiggart and yours truly.


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